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Guidelines for Events in Wicklow’s Outdoor Recreation Areas

The guidelines are provided by the Wicklow Outdoor Recreation Committee (WORC) for the use of any individual, community group or professional body that are involved in organising an event that takes place in Wicklow’s Outdoor Recreation Areas. Examples of these events include: walking festivals; challenge walks; adventure and multi-sport races; mountain marathons; charity challenges; fund-raising cycles; equestrian or motorised vehicle trials. Events can be considered as “once off” or “multi day” instances which involve more than 50 participants.

Wicklow’s Outdoor Recreation areas are diverse, comprised of upland hills and mountains, forests, beaches, waterways, sea cliffs and associated vicinities. These environments are rich in areas of outstanding natural beauty, forming inspirational landscapes with a sense of wilderness and space. Despite their rugged character, Wicklow’s Outdoor Recreation Areas include many sensitive habitats and heritage sites that are vulnerable to intense footfall activities. The principles of “Leave No Trace” should always be followed.

There has been continued growth of organised events taking place in Wicklow’s Outdoor Recreational Areas over the past few years, sometimes resulting in unwanted damage to the environment and inconvenience for local people. These guidelines aim to provide a roadmap to organising a successful event that is mindful of its impact on the environment and local community.

Download guidelines for Events in Wicklow's Outdoor Recreation Areas